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Exclusive Partnership with Master’s Touch

Sanarise Industrial Announces Exclusive Partnership with Master's Touch ISTANBUL, Turkey — June 12, 2023 Sanarise Industrial, a leading manufacturer and supplier of machinery and steel and iron products, is thrilled to announce its exclusive distribution agreement with Master's Touch Global. This partnership makes Sanarise Industrial the sole distributor of Master's Touch products in Turkey. Master's Touch Global, a California-based company founded in 2004, specializes in the development of eco-friendly and safe products for surface protection. Their products, designed to protect various surfaces against environmental and chemical damage, have found wide application in numerous industries, including the industrial, marine, and transportation sectors. One of their key [...]

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Exploring the Future of the Industrial Machinery Sector in Turkey and Beyond

The industrial machinery sector in Turkey has been a vital component of the country's robust economy, contributing significantly to its industrial output. As we venture further into the 21st century, it's essential to understand the evolving trends, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead. In this article, we delve into these facets, providing a comprehensive overview of the future landscape of the industrial machinery sector. Current State of the Industrial Machinery Sector Turkey's industrial machinery sector has been on an upward trajectory, driven by a rich history of manufacturing and industrialization. Current trends indicate a healthy market, with domestic and international companies contributing to a competitive [...]

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Case Study: Successful Projects by Sanarise Industrial

Sanarise Industrial, a leading manufacturer and supplier of machinery, steel and iron products, has consistently delivered top-tier solutions to complex industrial needs. Our track record speaks volumes of our commitment to innovation, reliability, and engineering excellence. In this article, we showcase some of our successful projects to help you understand the quality, scope, and impact of our work. The Importance of Case Studies Case studies serve as a testament to a company's capabilities, providing a tangible demonstration of its experience and expertise. They illustrate how challenges are transformed into opportunities, and how solutions are tailored to meet specific needs. In this context, our case studies [...]

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What is a Heat Exchanger? What are Heat Exchanger Types?

The situation where two fluids transfer heat to each other without any physical contact is called a heat exchanger. Although the industrial heat exchanger type has different criteria, it works with the same principle. In each type, hot and cold fluids are transferred to each other. Industrial Heat exchangers are offered in 3 different types. These types, which are preferred according to the area to be used, have different features in their field. However, in general, all heat exchangers first collect the heat on the transfer surface and then transfer it to the other surface it comes into contact with. In this way, heat transfer [...]

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Steel Production: Steel Production in Turkey

Steel manufacturing company in Turkey has been increasing in recent years. It is known that steel production increased by 3.7% in 2021 compared to 2020. As a result of this increase, steel production reached 1.95 billion tons. In 1996, with the signing of the European Coal and Steel Community agreement between the European Union and Turkey, taxes on the steel trade were abolished. The abolition of these taxes was mutual. As a result of the agreement, iron and steel products can be sold to European Union countries tax-free. The iron and steel companies actively operating in Turkey are privately owned. These companies constantly utilize technological [...]

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Steel Industry and Climate Change

The Steel manufacturing company or industry is an important sector in which steel is subjected to various processes and used in different industries. These products, which are very important in the field of industry, also have a great impact on the climate. Since steel manufacturers are a part of life, it is responsible for a large proportion of global emissions. The fact that steel manufacturers are material used in every field increases the demand for this product. Thus, the sustainability of these products is increased and they are used in a durable way for a long time. However, when steel is produced, harmful gasses that [...]

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What are the Stages of Iron Production?

With the increase in technological innovations, iron producers have brought together different methods applied to various innovations. As a result, iron production stages have undergone changes. These methods have been developing and making progress over the years. With progress, different production stages are becoming increasingly common. Iron production stages are as follows in detail: First, iron ore and coke are put into the furnace. Cast iron contains about 4% carbon and other substances. These substances cause the iron structure to be brittle. Iron is one of the most widely used elements in the world. This element is found in nature in pure form in very [...]

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Safety Guidelines for the Iron and Steel Industry

Safety guidelines are very important for the iron and Steel manufacturing company. This manual contains articles that care about human health. In the iron and steel industry, where manpower is mainly needed, various accidents and dangerous situations may occur from time to time. For this reason, measures must be taken to prevent problems that may occur. The materials used in the iron and steel industry are quite heavy and dangerous. Metals and corrosive substances with high temperatures pose a risk to human health. Employers must carry out the necessary work to take precautions against these harmful substances. Accidents in the Iron and Steel Industry In [...]

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Industrial Boiler Types and Classification

Boilers are devices that provide heating of chemical energies. Steam is produced with various energy sources and this steam is used in many industrial works. Industrial boiler types are designed to generate some kind of power. At the same time, it is needed in many areas due to its hot water supply. Boilers are classified according to different needs. Boiler types classified according to their features are as follows: According to the type of material used in boiler construction; Steel boiler, cast sliced boiler According to the type of fuel to be used; liquid fuel, gas fuel, and solid fuel Counter-pressurized and non-counter-pressurized boilers compatible [...]

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Different Types of Transportation used in Turkey and the World

It is possible to make efficient and effective use of many types of transportation. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Due to its different characteristics, one transportation system may be more advantageous or disadvantageous than another. The types of transportation used to transport products of different qualities may also differ. It is important to choose systems that are suitable for the characteristics and dimensions of the transported product. There are five types of transportation: road, railroad, pipeline, seaway and airway. When choosing among these methods, which are preferred for international and domestic transportation, costs and transportation times are taken into consideration. Thanks to [...]

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