March 6, 2023

Safety Guidelines for the Iron and Steel Industry

Safety guidelines are very important for the iron and Steel manufacturing company. This manual contains articles that care about human health. In the iron and steel industry, where manpower is mainly needed, various accidents and dangerous situations may occur from time to time. For this reason, measures must be taken to prevent problems that may occur.

The materials used in the iron and steel industry are quite heavy and dangerous. Metals and corrosive substances with high temperatures pose a risk to human health. Employers must carry out the necessary work to take precautions against these harmful substances.

Accidents in the Iron and Steel Industry

In the iron and steel industry, the use of heavy and large materials and the transportation of hot materials can cause various accidents. In this sector, manpower is needed in every field. Items carried by workers can sometimes harm workers. The musculoskeletal system is one of the most damaged body parts. Lifting weights and being constantly exposed to high weights will wear out the musculoskeletal system.

The presence of dirt that prevents workers from doing their work can also cause accidents. A worker may encounter problems such as slipping or falling due to litter on the floor. In such cases, important problems such as sprains and fractures will arise. In order to prevent accidents, employers can resort to various ways. In this way, human health is taken into consideration and a safer work environment is created.

Diseases and Hazards in the Iron and Steel Industry

There are many methods of taking precautions to prevent accidents and diseases encountered in the iron and steel industry. In this sector, there are many elements that can cause disease and danger. The risk can be minimized by preventing the factors that will reveal these factors. So what are the risks frequently encountered in the iron and steel industry?

  • Slipping and falling
  • Explosion due to heat
  • Fire
  • Stinging, cutting, or compression by any object
  • Accidents caused by work equipment
  • Risks that may be posed by products transported by manpower
  • Electric current

Diseases Caused by Physical Danger

There are many risks in the iron and steel industry that can pose physical hazards. The decibel value of the machines used in this sector is extremely high. Various machines or equipment cause high noise. Individuals working in this sector are forced to continue working by being exposed to high noise. Unless any precautions are taken in such cases, important problems such as hearing loss will arise after a while. Even if it does not cause hearing loss, there will be damage to the eardrum.

Another factor that can cause physical illness in this sector is the vibrations created by large machines. Many syndromes can occur as a result of these vibrations. The vibrations to which the body is exposed can cause wear on the joints. Blurred vision or dizziness is also possible.

The use of high heat during the forging and melting process also poses great risks. The constant state of this heat will negatively affect the individuals working in that area. Individuals who are constantly exposed to heat should consume plenty of fluids and use heat-resistant clothing.

Lasers used in the iron and steel manufacturing company can also pose risks from time to time. The laser can cause skin burns as well as adversely affect the retina of the eye. Even if the person using the laser device protects himself, people in the area where the laser is working can be negatively affected and damaged.

Diseases Caused by Chemical Hazards

A safety management system in the steel industry will prevent various hazards. Many different diseases can occur in this industry. Diseases caused by chemical hazards are some of them. Diseases caused by chemical hazards are very risky. Employer organizations should take various measures to prevent these factors that adversely affect human health.

Exposure to excessive fumes is one of the main causes of diseases caused by chemical hazards. People exposed to these fumes face diseases affecting the respiratory system such as asthma. Workers working around explosive quarries or individuals responsible for the maintenance of these quarries can also get silicosis. The chemical known as asbestos is frequently used in this sector. People exposed to this chemical will have an increased risk of developing cancer after a while.

The burning of coal in the iron and steel industry releases volatiles. These volatile chemicals cause itching and blistering of the skin. Severe headaches and constant dizziness are also possible.

Tar and tar are formed in coal-fired mines. After a long time, workers who are constantly exposed to the same chemicals are at risk of lung cancer. The risk of developing this cancer increases 2 times compared to a normal person. This is due to the tar and pitch found in coal.

Thousands of chemicals are used in the iron and steel industry. These substances consist of important components needed in the production process. These chemicals, which adversely affect human health, can cause various diseases. There are many solutions to prevent such situations.

Health and Safety Measures for Workers in the Iron and Steel Industry

The place and importance of manpower in the iron and steel industry are very important. Various measures must be taken in areas where manpower is needed. In some cases, if precautions are not taken, human health can be damaged by adverse conditions.

Safety guidelines for the iron and steel industry are very important for the protection of workers’ health. Problems that may occur are prevented if the importance of these guidelines is followed. The precautions that can be taken in these sectors are very simple. A worker who takes into account the precautions and applies what he/she needs to do will have a healthier and more efficient workforce.

The use of masks against dust and smoke in the iron and steel industry minimizes the risk of cancer. At the same time, negative effects on the respiratory tract are prevented. The use of protective goggles in devices that require laser use will protect eye health. If protective goggles or visors are not used, tears may occur in the retina of the eye.

There is also the risk of molten metals splashing into the eyes. In order to prevent such problems from occurring, the worker must take precautions. Since any risk may occur, protective glasses and visors will be an important safety element.

The diseases and effects that individuals working in the iron and steel industry can catch are as follows:

Lung cancer: Masses that proliferate out of control form in the lungs. These masses grow over time and cause damage to the lungs and other organs.

Dupuytren’s Contracture: It is a tissue disease that can occur under the skin. Movement is restricted due to its formation in the palm of the hand.

Pneumonia: It is known as inflammation of the lungs. This disease caused by viruses starts with the common cold.

Silicosis: A severe type of disease caused by industrial particles.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Occurs in the hand and wrist. The carpal tunnel is a narrow channel in the wrist. In this tunnel, tendons swell and put pressure on the nerve.

Leukemia: It occurs in the body that cannot produce healthy blood. As the marrow is invaded, it is not possible to produce healthy blood in the body.

Raynaud’s Syndrome: This is numbness due to the fingers being in contact with extreme cold. It is more common in workers who work in areas that are constantly shaking. Causes pain and numbness in the fingers


In conclusion, the iron and steel industry poses various risks and hazards to the workers involved. It is of utmost importance for companies operating in this sector to prioritize the health and safety of their employees. Sanarise manufacturing company that takes this responsibility seriously and ensures that international safety standards are followed to protect its workforce. By implementing robust safety measures and providing workers with the necessary protective equipment, Sanarise Industrial maintains a safe working environment for all its employees. The company’s commitment to safety and adherence to international guidelines not only fosters a healthy workforce but also strengthens its reputation as a responsible and reliable supplier of high-quality Turkish steel and iron to companies and factories around the world.

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