One-Stage Heavy Oil Burners

  • Optimum fuel / air mixture with special combustion nozzle
  • High pressure, light build fan design
  • Low noise level due to light and aerodynamic body made of high quality aluminum
  • Sliding flange for connection to different boiler types
  • Automatic control equipment of the burner according to European standard EN-267
  • Easy access to all equipment without dismounting the burner from the boiler
  • High efficiency operation thanks to air flow rate adjustment from both the suction and the barrel
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Specially-designed, compact pre-heater, safety, operation and limiting thermostat
  • High pressure mechanical atomization at nozzle
  • Direct ignition and pilot ignition options. (Pilot ignition is optional for some models.)
Burner Type Capacity Capacity Fuel Oil Consumption Fan Motor Power Fuel Pump Power Fuel Heater Voltage at 50 Hz
Minimum kcal/h Maximum kcal/h Minimum kW Maximum kW Minimum kg/h Maximum kg/h kW kW kW VAC
ECO 2 O (S) C 1 38.600 115.800 45 135 4 12 0,37 1,5 3N 400

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