One-Stage Square Light Oil Burners

  • Optimum fuel / air mixture with special gas nozzle,
  • Operation by atomizing the fuel mechanically with high pressure from nozzle
  • Compact design and operation at low noise levels,
  • Single-stage operation,
  • Photocell flame control,
  • Sliding flange for connection to different boiler types,
  • Automatic control equipment of the burner according to European standard EN-298
  • Easy access to all equipment without dismounting the burner from the boiler,
  • Combustion air control with air pressurestat,
  • Easy installation and operation
Burner Type Capacity Capacity Diesel Consumption Fan Motor Power Voltage at 50 Hz
Min. kcal/h Max. kcal/h Min. kW Max. kW Min. kg/h Max. kg/h kW VAC
ECO 1.0 OL C 1 10.200 35.700 12 42 1,00 3,50 0,15 1N 240

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