New Generation Low NOx (FGR) Gas Burners

  • Low NOx gas burner according to European Standard EN 676:2020, with class 3 NOx and CO emission,
  • Operation in any type of combustion chamber according to the standard EN 303,
  • Ultra Low NOx gas burner with FGR (Flue gas recirculation) feature,
  • Wide adjustment range with electronic modulation feature,
  • Modulation rate of 1:6
  • High quality aluminum body,
  • High-performance reverse wing; high fan efficiency with centrifugal fan; low electrical consumption; low noise level,
  • Easy to remove combustion nozzle without dismounting the burner from the boiler thanks to the hinged system design,
  • Integrated gas leak control unit,
  • Use of ionization electrode or optional photocell for flame control,
  • Precise air and gas FGR flow adjustment at minimum and maximum capacity with electric servomotor control,
  • Adjustable combustion nozzle with specially designed stainless turbulator,
  • Optional CO/O2 (trim) system integration for combustion optimization,
  • User-friendly controller showing operating and troubleshooting status,
  • Electronic control unit with failure and error code indicator according to European standard EN-298:2012
  • Port connection for failure test,
  • Opportunity of connecting micro ammeter on ionization cable,
  • IP 44 electrical protection.
    Burner Type Capacity Capacity Natural Gas Consumption NOx Emissions Fan Motor Power Voltage at 50 Hz
    Min. kcal/h Max. kcal/h Min. kW Max. kW Min. Nm³/h Max. Nm³/h Standart mg/kWh FGR mg/kWh kW VAC
    ECO NG LNX 90 G (FGR) 154.800 774.000 180 900 18,76 93,82 80 50 1,5 3N 400

    1K: Single Stage

    2K: Two Stage

    O: Modulating

    M: Manuel

    SM: Servomotor

    İO: Ionization

    F: Photocell

    DA: Direct Ignition

    PA: Pilot Ignition

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