Seamless Hydraulic Tubing

Presenting the Seamless Hydraulic Tubing from Sanarise Industrial – a seamless blend of durability, precision, and safety designed to meet your most challenging hydraulic applications.

Our Seamless Hydraulic Tubing features an out diameter ranging from 3/16″ to 1-1/4″, wall thickness from 0.035″ to 0.120″, and lengths from 3.0m to 18m. These dimensions ensure that you can find the perfect fit for your specific application needs.

The material specification of our tubing is a testament to its quality and reliability. Made from seamless low carbon steel, it is annealed for bending and flaring, ensuring easy installation and flexibility in use. The tensile strength of 32-45 Kp/mm underscores its ability to withstand high pressure, making it a reliable choice for your hydraulic systems.

At Sanarise Industrial, we prioritize safety in all our products. For applications where significant hydraulic shock and mechanical strain are present, we apply a 6:1 safety factor to our Seamless Hydraulic Tubing. This safety measure ensures that our tubing can reliably handle the stresses of such conditions.

In applications where hydraulic shock and mechanical strain are less significant, a 4:1 safety factor may be carefully considered for higher working pressures. Conversely, for applications where these factors are severe, an 8:1 safety factor should be applied for lower working pressures.

Our tubing design pressures have not been de-rated for elevated operating temperatures, demonstrating the tubing’s ability to maintain performance under varying temperature conditions.

Sanarise Industrial stocks tubing in 6 meter (approximately 20 foot) nominal lengths, ensuring we can meet your demand efficiently and promptly. The dimensions provided are in millimeters, and for ease of use, please note that kilograms per square centimeter can be converted to pounds per square inch by multiplying by 14.22.

Experience the blend of safety, durability, and precision with the Seamless Hydraulic Tubing from Sanarise Industrial. Trust us to provide you with the quality and reliability that your hydraulic systems require.


Maximum Working Pressure
@ 6:1 SF (psi)
Burst Pressure
4 .50 2294 13764
6 1.00 3051 18306
8 1.50 3440 20640
10 1.50 2748 16488
12 1.00 1525 9150
12 2.00 3051 18306
15 1.50 1829 10977
16 2.50 2862 17172
18 1.50 1525 9150
18 2.50 2550 15300
20 2.00 1829 10974
20 3.00 2749 16494
22 3.00 2502 15012
25 3.00 2198 13188
25 4.00 2929 17574
28 3.00 1962 11772

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