Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Introducing the Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe from Sanarise Industrial: an embodiment of strength, versatility, and precision, designed for the most demanding industrial applications.

Crafted from durable carbon steel, this pipe is seamless, attributing to its enhanced durability and strength. This robust construction makes it an ideal choice for construction work, able to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use and harsh environments.

One of the standout features of our seamless carbon steel pipe is its crucial role in heat-transfer systems. Its impeccable design enables it to efficiently transport hot or cold liquids or gases, making it an indispensable asset in various industrial settings.

In the petroleum industry, our seamless carbon steel pipe shines brightly. It is designed to transport large volumes of petroleum from the depths of the earth to the surface. But its role doesn’t stop there; it is also widely used for transferring petroleum to other locations, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Unlike other carbon steel pipes, our seamless pipe is easier to form and bend. This flexibility allows it to be used where custom angles and shapes are required, adding a layer of convenience to its functionality.

Our seamless carbon steel pipe also excels in foundation work for large structures. It is driven into the ground by a large machine and can be filled with concrete after pile-driving for added protection and sturdiness. Its high durability and resistance to stress make it perfect for deep foundations.


  • Out Diameter: 1/4 inch-36 inch
  • Wall Thickness: 1.25 mm-50 mm
  • Length: 3.0m-18m

Types of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe from Sanarise Industrial:

  • Structure Purposes: Suitable for general structure and mechanical applications
  • Liquid Services: Ideal for conveying petroleum, gas, and other fluids
  • Low and Medium Pressure: Perfect for steam and boiler manufacturing
  • Hydraulic Pillar Service: For reliable hydraulic support
  • Auto Semi-shaft Casing: Suitable for auto semi-shaft casing
  • Line Pipe: Efficiently conveys oil and gas
  • Tubing and Casing: Ideal for oil and gas conveying
  • Drill Pipes: Designed for well drilling
  • Geological Drilling Pipes: Perfect for geological drilling
  • Petroleum Cracking Tubes: Ideal for furnace tubes and heat exchangers

Experience the unmatched reliability, versatility, and durability of the Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe from Sanarise Industrial. It’s not just a pipe—it’s a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

Standards and Applications

Standards Grades Class
API API 5L Line pipe for pipeline transportation systems
API 5CT Tubing and casing for wells
API 5DP Drill Pipe for well drilling
ASTM ASTM A53 Used as structural steel or for low-pressure plumbing
ASTM A106 seamless carbon steel pipe for high-temperature service
ASTM A335 for seamless ferritic alloy-steel pipe for high-temperature service
ASTM A213 for seamless ferritic and austenitic alloy-steel boiler, superheater, and heat-exchanger tubes
ASTM A179 for seamless Cold-drawn low-carbon steel heat-exchanger and condenser tubes
ASTM A192 for seamless carbon steel boiler tubes for high-pressure service
ASTM A210 for seamless medium-carbon steel boiler and superheater tubes
ASTM A333 for seamless steel pipe for low-temperature service and other applications with required notch toughness
ASTM A519 for seamless carbon and alloy steel mechanical tubing
ASTM A252 for seamless and welded steel pipe piles
DIN DIN 17175 for heat resistant seamless steel pipe lines
DIN 1629 for seamless circular tubes of non alloys steels wth special quality requirements
DIN 2391 for cold drawn or cold rolled precision seamless steel tubes
JIS JIS G3454 seamless carbon steel pipe for pressure service
JIS G3456 seamless carbon steel pipe for high temperature service
JIS G3461 seamless carbon steel pipe for boiler and heat exchanger
EN EN 10210 for hot finished seamless structural hollow sections of non-alloy steels
EN 10216 seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes
BS BS 3059 for carbon,alloy and austenitic stainless steel tubes with specified elevated temperature properties

Dimension Tolerances of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Pipe types Pipe Szie(mm) Tolerances
Hot rolled OD <50 ±0.50mm
≥50 ±1%
WT <4 ±12.5%
≥4~20 +15%, -12.5%
>20 ±12.5%
Cold drawn OD 6~10 ±0.20mm
10~30 ±0.40mm
30~50 ±0.45
>50 ±1%
WT <1 ±0.15mm
>1~3 + 15%, – 10%
>3 + 12.5%, – 10%

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