Welded Tubes

Presenting the Welded Tubes from Sanarise Industrial, another testament to our commitment to delivering quality, resilience, and adaptability in all of our industrial products.

Our Welded Tubes are crafted from stainless steel, ensuring their durability and reliability in various applications. Sanarise Industrial offers a diverse range of welded tubes in round, square, and rectangular shapes to meet the specific needs of different projects.

Our Welded Tubes have a thickness range from 1.00mm to 3.00mm, a diameter range from 16mm to 63.5mm, and a dimension range from 20x20mm to 80x20mm. This wide range of specifications ensures that we can cater to a vast array of industrial applications.

Manufactured to comply with the EN 10296 standard, our Welded Tubes are high-frequency (HF) welded, a process that ensures their strength and resilience. They are available in several surfaces including 180G, 320G, 400G, and 600G, offering a variety of options for different applications. Each tube comes with a 2.2 certificate of conformity in accordance with EN10204, affirming their quality and compliance with industry standards.

Our Welded Tubes are available in AISI 304 and AISI 201 stainless steel types. These materials are known for their excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

For packaging, we offer 320G, 400G, and 600G nylon packaging one by one/standard bundle; and 180G without nylon packaging/standard bundle. This ensures the tubes are protected during transport and storage, preserving their quality until they reach your site.

Choose the Welded Tubes from Sanarise Industrial for your next project and experience the superior quality, versatility, and durability that our products offer. Trust in Sanarise Industrial for your industrial solutions and elevate your operations to new heights of efficiency and reliability.

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