NG Series Heavy Oil Burners

  • Easy maintenance with hinged system without dismounting the burner from the boiler,
  • Sliding flange for connection to different boiler types,
  • Lower noise level with special muffler system,
  • Early diminishing of error sources thanks to the plug-socket connection that allows minimizing the number of cable connections,
  • Combustion cap adjustable to desired capacity,
  • High combustion efficiency by providing optimum fuel-air mixture with fuel-air servo motors that can be adjusted with high precision,
  • High performance fan,
  • User-friendly operator panel,
  • Specially-designed, compact pre-heater, safety, operation and limiting thermostat
  • Optional CO/O2 (trim) system integration for combustion optimization,
  • Adequate gas supply control with minimum gas pressurestat.
  • Combustion air control with air pressurestat,
  • High pressure mechanical atomization at nozzle,
  • Pilot ignition
Burner Type Capacity Capacity Heavy Oil Consumption Fan Motor Power Fuel Pump Power Fuel Heater Voltage at 50 Hz
Min. kcal/h Max. kcal/h Min. kW Max. kW Min. kg/h Max. kg/h kW kW kW VAC
ECO 50 O (S) C 3 NG 337.980 1.351.060 393 1571 35 140 2,2 6,0 3N 400

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