Modulating Gas Burners

  • Modulating operation,
  • Mechanical, pneumatic or electronic modulating control options,
  • Ability to operate with natural gas and LPG fuel,
  • Ability to operate at 300 mbar and 21 mbar gas pressure up to model ECO 55 GC 3,
  • Wide thermal capacity adjustment range according to the heat requirement,
  • Direct ignition and optional pilot ignition,
  • Flame control with ignition and ionization electrode,
  • Adequate gas pressure control with minimum gas pressurestat.
  • Uniform fuel mixture with a unique combustion head with high combustion efficiency,
  • Combustion air control with air pressurestat,
  • Operation at low noise levels with its aluminum alloy, light body,
  • Minimum friction losses on body and combustion nozzle,
  • Combustion air flow adjustment with internal fan flap,
  • Easy access to all parts without dismounting the burner from the boiler,
  • Sliding flange for connection to different boiler types,
  • Compact design requiring minimal maintenance,
  • Environmentally-friendly with lower NOx and CO emissions.



Burner Type Capacity Capacity Natural Gas
LPG Consumption Fan Motor Power Voltage at 50 Hz
Minimum kcal/h Maximum kcal/h Minimum kW Maximum kW Minimum Nm³/h Maximum Nm³/h Minimum Nm³/h Maximum Nm³/h kW VAC
ECO 2 G C 3 51.600 172.000 60 200 6,25 20,85 2,29 7,64 0,15 1N 240


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