Fuel Pump 1000 lpm

It can operate at relatively high pressures with thin fluids. It compensates for the erosion of the pallet. Can be used for solvents and chemicals. Can be dry run for a short time. It creates an effective vacuum.

Type: Positive displacement, 6 pallets working on the same rotor
Flow rate: 1000 lpm
Operation rpm : 630
Maximum Working Pressure: 8 bar (115 psi)
Working Temperature: -20°C / +60°C
Max Discharge Head: 80 m (diesel)
Viscosity: 440 cP
Weight: 49 kg
Dimensions (WLH): 24×36×27.5 cm
Flange Diameter: 3 ”
Motor Power: 7.5-15 kW (10-20 Hp)
Weight: 78 kg
By-Pass Valve: Coupled to body
Pump Body: Casting (PIG GG25)
Rotor: Casting (Sphero GGG40)
Pallets: Fortron®
Shaft: Steel Alloy (AISI 1040)
(*) The maximum capacity in diesel transfer is 50 tons per hour.

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