Liquid-Gas Fuel Cylindric Scotch Type Boiler

Experience unmatched performance with Sanarise Industrial’s Liquid-Gas Fuel Cylindric Scotch Type Boiler. This steam boiler is customizable to your specific capacity and pressure requirements, ensuring a tailored solution for your unique industrial needs. Designed and manufactured in line with TS 377 EN 12953 Standard, it is a perfect combination of versatility and conformity.

Our boiler utilizes premium 19Mn6 (P355GH) and 17Mn4 (P295GH) materials, adhering to the TS EN 10028-2 norm. Rest assured knowing that every material used is of A1 quality and certified according to TS EN 10204 / 3.1. This commitment to quality extends to the pipes in our boilers, which are Borusan MANNESMAN stitched, annealed, and normalized boiler pipes complying with TS EN 10217-2 norm.

In our pursuit of excellence, the boiler mirrors are cut with plasma for precision, ensuring no physical contact and damage. All pipes are securely welded to the mirror by Türk LOYDU-certified welders, further enhancing the boiler’s robustness and durability.

Upon request, we provide a comprehensive technical file that includes material certificates, welding method specifications, welder certificates, reports of non-destructive tests conducted during manufacturing, and the hydrostatic pressure test report. This transparency ensures you are well-informed of the quality and reliability of your investment.

With over five years in the boiler and pressure vessels sector, Sanarise Industrial has left an indelible mark on numerous projects globally. We have successfully produced and installed more than 2,500 Scotch type steam boilers. Trust in our expertise and dedication to delivering high-performing, reliable, and efficient steam solutions that stand the test of time.

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