Open Type Cooling Towers

Introducing Open Type Cooling Towers, our state-of-the-art heat exchangers designed to cool water through direct contact with air. This unique design allows the towers to leverage both air-water heat exchange and evaporation to provide superior cooling, even below ambient temperatures.

Our Open Type Cooling Towers are laboratory-tested and proven for optimum cooling. They are compact and efficient, making them an ideal solution for applications with limited space. Despite their size, these towers are capable of handling high-capacity cooling tasks, making them an excellent choice for large-scale projects.

At the heart of our Open Type Cooling Towers is a sophisticated fill package, or heat transfer medium. This system distributes hot process water across the fill, where it interfaces with air propelled by a powerful, efficient fan. Through this process, a small portion of the water evaporates, significantly cooling the remaining process water.

We’ve built these cooling towers with scalability in mind. They can operate in series as a group, making them incredibly adaptable to large projects. The tower housing is constructed from durable steel or stainless steel with a special alloy coating for added longevity and performance.

GRP Engineering’s Open Type Cooling Towers offer a robust structure, high efficiency, low drift rate, and an anti-blocking feature. The dimensions of the towers can be customized to suit standard containers or specific project conditions. They are the go-to solution for cooling circulation water in melting furnaces, induction heaters, metal part production lines, hydraulic stations, power generators, and more.

While Open Type Cooling Towers do consume more water than their closed-loop counterparts, their initial investment cost is lower, making them a cost-effective choice for many applications. They also typically offer cooler water, thanks to the significant cooling effect of evaporation. Open cooling towers are capable of reaching a “closer approach” to the wet bulb temperature, which means they can cool the effluent more effectively depending on the geographic design conditions.

While outdoor Open Type Cooling Towers often have a lower initial cost than indoor ones, we recommend considering any additional equipment that may be required, such as filtration systems. This is especially important for applications that require a closed-loop system, such as water-source heat pump systems.

Choose our Open Type Cooling Towers for their proven performance, efficiency, and adaptability. With their robust structure, high capacity, and customization options, they are the ideal cooling solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

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