Industrial Cooling Towers

Designed to handle the rigorous demands of large-scale industrial facilities, our Industrial Cooling Towers are a powerful, reliable solution for your cooling water needs. With a capacity to cool water volumes of 1000-3000 m3/hour, and even reaching up to 8000 m3/hour in larger setups, these towers are engineered to withstand the test of time and provide consistent, efficient cooling.

Our Industrial Cooling Towers stand tall and robust with a seating area up to 1000 m2, making them the perfect fit for expansive industrial plants. Unlike package towers, these towers feature a large body structure and height, with chimney diameters ranging from 6 to 10 meters. Constructed to offer a long service life, they are built with high capacities in mind, ensuring they meet the cooling demands of your facility without compromise.

Initially, the main construction of these cooling towers included significant use of impregnated boards due to the infancy of GRP pultrusion profile technology. However, as this technology has advanced, the use of GRP profiles in our cooling towers has increased to over 90%, providing improved structural integrity and durability.

Our Industrial Cooling Towers are equipped with both side-suction and bottom-suction systems. The suction direction and size in these towers are specifically tailored according to design, with the flow rate selected for a large m3/hour, providing a cooling system with an accuracy of 1 degree. Designed to operate at full capacity, these towers still maintain their efficiency amid fluctuations in wet bulb temperature, as well as changes in day-night and winter-summer dry thermometer and humidity levels.

With the addition of automation, our cooling towers can self-adjust to maintain constant outlet water temperature. By measuring the output temperature against the set temperature, the fan speed can be increased or decreased according to changes in wet bulb temperature. This feature extends the life of the fan and other connected systems by reducing strain and allows for up to 60% in electricity and water savings when the system can slow down to 40% during non-peak periods.

Our Industrial Cooling Towers are not just reliable and efficient, they are also built to last. Their reinforced concrete infrastructure provides the sturdy foundation needed for these large structures. It’s not uncommon for side walls, fillers, drop holders, and other components to be made from reinforced concrete, promising a minimum operating life of 25-30 years.

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