Vessels (Pressure-Unpressurized)

Introducing our superior range of Vessels – both Pressure and Unpressurized – from Sanarise Industrial, offering unmatched quality, durability, and performance. These vessels are the result of years of experience and a commitment to quality, tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Sanarise Industrial Vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with internationally recognized standards including EN, ASME, and CODAP, among others. We place great importance on accommodating our customer’s specific requirements, ensuring each vessel meets the highest levels of safety and efficiency.

Our vessels are more than just containers; they are integral components of your industrial processes. Following manufacturing, each vessel undergoes rigorous testing and is painted appropriately for its intended usage area. This meticulous attention to detail extends to the auxiliary parts of boiler systems such as deaerators, feed water tanks, and condensate tanks, which are designed and manufactured in proportion to the boiler capacity.

At Sanarise Industrial, we offer a wide variety of tanks, including Process Tanks for petroleum separation and crude oil handling, Storage Tanks for various substances such as petroleum, chemical materials, pentane, poliol, TDI, and more, as well as Steam Drums, and Gas Tanks for nitrogen, oxygen, refrigerant gases like R134, R22, Dimetilether, and more.

Our vessels are designed for flexibility and can be manufactured either vertically or horizontally, with options for overground or underground application. The specifications of our tanks are extensive. Pressure capabilities are up to 150 bar, with volume capacities reaching up to 600 m3. Our tanks are certified with CE, ASME U Stamp, Gost, SANS, SASO, among others, and have capabilities ranging from Ø700-7000 mm with thickness up to 100 mm.

For unique requirements, we offer on-site design and manufacturing of unpressurized vertical storage tanks made from steel, with capacities reaching up to 5,000 m3. These tanks can be built and tested on-site according to relevant standards such as API. Depending on the design requirements, these tanks can be equipped with a conical roof or a domed roof.

Choose Sanarise Industrial Vessels for their exceptional performance, reliability, and adaptability. At Sanarise Industrial, we’re dedicated to providing top-tier industrial solutions to cater to your unique needs.

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