Screw Air Compressors

Screw Air End Our Screw Air Compressors are powered by world-renowned screw engines, produced by a leading professional screw engine manufacturer. With strict quality control measures in place, these engines are renowned for their zero-trouble performance and longevity. The manufacturing process employs advanced equipment to ensure micrometer-level tolerance, resulting in enhanced reliability and prolonged operational life. The rotors’ robust rigidity allows for ample compressing space. Further, high-quality, durable roller bearings are used to guarantee steady operation.

Air Intake System Our Screw Air Compressors feature a professionally designed, integrated air intake controller, ensuring top-notch operational safety and economic efficiency. The air intake filter effectively eliminates dust and harmful impurities, thereby improving air quality and minimizing wear on the main machine. An additional panel filter is incorporated before the intake filter for optimum performance.

Air & Oil Separation System The screwing design of the oil/air separator allows for easy disassembly and short maintenance time. The separator element effectively separates residual oil from the compressed air, ensuring enhanced purity and reduced equipment pollution.

Efficient Cooling System Our Screw Air Compressors utilize combi block air and oil coolers for superior durability. The specially designed large cooling area guarantees normal operation even under high temperatures and in hot environments.

Temperature Controller Valve Specifically designed for high environmental temperatures and low air humidity, the temperature controller valve allows the system to quickly reach optimal working temperature. This maintains the constant temperature and viscosity of the lubricant, thereby preventing condensation and lubricant emulsification. This extends the service life of the lubricant, main machine rotor, bearing, and other components.

Oil Filtration System The screw design oil filter facilitates easy disassembly, eliminates lubricant impurities, and prevents oil deterioration. This extends the service life of the main machine rotor, bearings, and other moving parts.

Control System Our Screw Air Compressors come equipped with a multifunctional controller for user-friendly operation. The control system allows users to easily monitor air pressure, oil temperature, working hours, and maintenance hours. Special design controllers enhance safety during operation.

Cabinet System The compressors are encased in a compact, specially designed cabinet for easy handling and minimized workspace requirements. The cabinet is coated with electrostatic powder for protection against damage and corrosion. The non-flammable isolation ensures silent operation. Easy maintenance is ensured through easily opened covers and a compact design. The belt tension device is easily accessible.

Safety System Our Screw Air Compressors are equipped with several safety features: an overcurrent thermal relay protection system for the main motor, an overcurrent thermal relay protection system for the cooler motor, an excessive heat circuit breaker protection system, high-pressure protection system, high-pressure safety valves, an emergency stop button, and a maintenance warning system.

Experience the perfect blend of efficiency, reliability, and safety with our Screw Air Compressors, designed with your industrial needs in mind.

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