NG Series Gas Burners

  • Easy maintenance with hinged system without dismounting the burner from the boiler,
  • Sliding flange for connection to different boiler types,
  • Lower noise level with special muffler system,
  • Early diminishing of error sources thanks to the plug-socket connection that allows minimizing the number of cable connections,
  • Combustion cap adjustable to desired capacity,
  • High combustion efficiency by providing optimum fuel-air mixture with fuel-air servo motors that can be adjusted with high precision,
  • High performance fan,
  • User-friendly operator panel,
  • Optional CO/O2 (trim) system integration for combustion optimization,
  • Adequate gas supply control with minimum gas pressurestat.
  • Combustion air control with air pressurestat,
  • Leak control with integrated gas leak controller,
  • Pilot ignition system integrated into the gas valve without requiring an additional burner pilot line

(Standard for Eco 75 and above, optional for lower capacities.)

Burner Type Capacity Capacity Natural Gas Consumption NOx Emissions Fan Motor Power Voltage at 50 Hz
Min. kcal/h Max. kcal/h Min. kW Max. kW Min. Nm³/h Max. Nm³/h Min. Nm³/h Max. Nm³/h kW VAC
ECO 50 G C 3 NG 215.000 1.290.000 250 1500 26,06 156,36 9,56 57,33 2,2 3N 400

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