Liquid-Gas Fuel Counterpressed Steam Boiler

Embrace superior efficiency and easy installation with Sanarise Industrial’s Liquid-Gas Fuel Counterpressed Steam Boiler. Compliant with TS EN 12953 and TS 377 standards, our steam boiler ensures outstanding performance and stringent safety.

Our boiler takes pride in its high efficiency, boasting values of over 90%. Its compact and ergonomic design allows for hassle-free transportation and installation, making it a perfect fit for diverse industrial settings. The user-friendly interface ensures easy operation, enhancing productivity.

The boiler is engineered with a large, fully undulated burning cell, facilitating high burning efficiency. The AKB-B type cylindrical flame-smoke tube steam boilers introduce a unique two-flow combustion cell that recycles the flame. The flame ignited in the first flow is reversed within the combustion cell, ensuring unburned fuel is efficiently combusted at high flame temperatures. In the third flow, the energy from the burnt gases is transferred to the water via the steam pipes, maximizing energy utilization.

Our steam boiler’s large burning cell volume guarantees optimal combustion, contributing to high boiler efficiency. The even distribution of heat transfer rates and thermal tensions across the boiler’s heat transfer surfaces ensures consistent performance. The boiler’s optimal pressure values prevent chimney draft issues, making operations smoother and safer.

Sanarise Industrial, with over five years in the boiler and pressure vessels sector, has partnered with various industries on numerous projects worldwide. With a track record of producing and installing more than 2,500 steam boilers, trust in our expertise and commitment to delivering reliable, high-performing industrial solutions.

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