• CIB series industrial burners with monoblock body structure are used in hot water boilers, steam boilers and hot oil boilers.
  • Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil and Biogas can be used in CIB series industrial burners.
  • They have low flue gas emission values with their special body and combustion nozzle designs.
  • Thanks to its hinged body design, it provides ease of service without dismounting the burner from the boiler.
  • High fire safety thanks to flame control with photocell.
  • It is ready to use with its integrated control panel on the body.
  • Light oil filtering and pumping station is produced externally according to customer demand.
  • Combustion optimization with O2-CO trim system adaptation in electronic modulating burners, if demanded.
  • Energy saving with fan speed control in electronic modulating burners, if demanded.
  • Remote management by connecting to PLC systems using BMS (Burner Management System) or software.
  • Suitable for use of high pressure mechanical atomization & low pressure air/steam atomization lance options in liquid fuel products.
  • Operation at low noise levels with its specially designed muffler air cage design and axial fan. (<72dB)

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