January 13, 2023

Social Responsibility for Heavy Industries

Thanks to the rapidly developing world and technological opportunities, production conditions have become much easier. The number of businesses operating in the markets has increased. With the ease of production conditions and the effect of developing opportunities, consumers have become able to easily meet their wishes and needs. But with the effect of all these, environmental problems have also started to increase. As a result of production and consumption, environmental pollution and natural resources began to decrease. However, the effects of global warming have also increased in proportion to the carbon footprint. Many problems such as the threat of climate change have emerged and started to threaten living life.

In addition to environmental problems, some problems parallel to population growth have also started to emerge. Inadequacies in many practices came to the fore, especially due to problems that caused disruptions in education and health services. Due to the inadequacy of the practices, there was an awareness that social areas should be developed and supported in order to close the gap.

As a result of the recent competition, it is unfortunately not possible for businesses to offer their products in line with their own interests and make moves to increase profits. In order to survive in increasing competition, businesses must also offer their services for the benefit of the consumer.

With increasing social awareness, especially consumers expect today’s businesses to be beneficial to society and fulfill their social responsibilities as much as possible. With the change in consumption awareness in recent years, changes in purchasing preferences have occurred. Consideration of social benefits as well as individual benefits in consumption comes to the fore. When social benefits are taken into account, it is seen that businesses that take steps within the framework of social responsibilities are more preferred.

Social responsibility practices are no longer only a moral obligation but also an economic obligation. Especially in corporate practices, it has come to the forefront as marketing strategies. Businesses have started to act with efforts to increase business image and brand value, which help fulfill their responsibilities.

In addition to brands and businesses, the importance of social responsibility projects in heavy industries is increasing day by day. In order to keep up with change and survive, the steps taken to meet the demands and needs of consumers are important. Thanks to social responsibility projects, heavy industries take steps by paying attention not only to tangible values but also to intangible values.

What is Social Responsibility? Why is it Important?

Social responsibility encompasses actions taken by producers and consumers that are not only individually beneficial but also socially beneficial. Practices are not only moral but also economically beneficial. Especially the use of corporate practices as a marketing strategy has become widespread in recent years. While businesses fulfill their responsibilities towards society, they also protect their business image and brand value.

Social responsibility projects are a way for non-governmental organizations, public and private sector enterprises to gather around a specific purpose and unite in a common consciousness. Without pursuing individual benefit, beneficial practices are carried out on behalf of humanity and society or social benefit is acted in order to support. Education, health and environmental problems are the main projects that are being worked on and planned to be solved. These areas, which are important for the improvement and development of society, are on the priority list.

Practices are important for making social life sustainable and instilling a sense of responsibility in people. It is important to meet the material and spiritual needs of citizens in need and to raise individuals who respect society and the environment.

Social responsibility projects can be considered as social solidarity to eliminate the problems that occur in society. As a result of bringing the problems you face on a daily basis to the agenda, assistance is provided. The basis of responsibility is the desire to benefit society and fulfill social duties.

It is seen that institutions and businesses that fulfill their duties and responsibilities towards society rather than the quality of the service provided stand out by making a difference. When we look at the concept of social responsibility as an institution, it can be said that it is a value creation strategy for organizations. If the value obtained is sustained, brand value can be increased while at the same time contributing to the development of the environment and society.

Social Responsibility in Turkish Heavy Industry

Social responsibility projects carried out in the Turkish heavy industry also draw attention with their strategic management dimension. In addition to economic and legal strategies, it also helps businesses to develop strategies in line with business ethics and social expectations.

In addition to traditional methods characterized as providing benefits to society and material and moral aid, social responsibility strategies come to the forefront in heavy industry. The most important point that businesses pay attention to in order to succeed in their social projects and activities is to engage in social initiatives in line with strategic goals.

When social responsibility is considered for corporate and heavy industries; complying with the law, taking responsibility for their activities and contributing to sustainable development are within the scope. For this reason, corporations are also obliged to act economically, ethically and legally.

Another obligation imposed on organizations within the scope of social responsibility is to contribute to the cultural and social sphere. In addition to a clean and healthy environment; creating an educated and socially rich society is also among their responsibilities. It is also aimed to create a society that is strong in health services and prone to art. Thanks to the projects carried out for heavy industries and institutions, continuous improvements are carried out to ensure a quality service as well as satisfaction between the institution and society.

Green Transformation and Social Responsibility in Heavy Industry

In heavy industry, in addition to the sector and the service provided, responsibilities towards the world and the country in which we live must also be realized. At this point, it is necessary to act with an ethical, responsible and protective approach that cares about the interests of society.

Producing and supporting social responsibility projects that will provide social benefit is among the goals. Acting with green transformation and social principles in heavy industry is an important step that can be taken to support the sustainability of nature.

One of the steps taken for social benefit is the realization of employment for women. Women’s participation in business life continues to increase day by day. It is important for women to have more employment rights and to have a larger share of work in sectors.

Considering heavy industry and corporate social responsibility projects, it can be said that women, sustainable energy sources and the quality of education are very important. Each step taken and project realized in these areas can pave the way for social development.

We Produce and Use Energy with Sustainable Energy Sources

We at Sanarise Industrial support sustainable energy production and use by producing our own energy within the framework of corporate social responsibility. We aim to carry out the entire business adventure with the principle of environmental protection and sensitivity.

Sustainable resource utilization and supporting environmentally friendly green solutions are among our prioritized service orientations. Being aware of our responsibilities towards nature, we take steps to protect the environment we live in. While making our decisions and organizing our activities, we want to protect nature, being aware that the environment will be a source of life for today and the future.

Education, Women and Society are Indispensable!

We are aware of the importance of investing in the future in order to ensure the permanence of social development and progress. For this reason, we provide material and moral support to improve the quality of education in the country. We carry out studies for the improvement of education and educational institutions. We take steps for Turkey’s development and prosperity.

In addition to our activities in the field of education, we also strive to elevate the social position of women. We support employment for women in business life and gender equality. We always emphasize the place of women in heavy industry and the importance of gender equality. We are working hard to make gender equality and women’s place in business life a keystone of our culture.

We aim to produce effective solutions in the fields of education, culture, arts, environment and human rights. In addition to all the projects we realize with a corporate social responsibility approach, we also strive to touch on many points and problems of the society through our volunteer activities.

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